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is an investment consulting group consisting of a diversified number of companies operating in many sectors including


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Leading Globally

Refalco seeks to be among the leading international investment companies at the global stage through utilizing new technology, creative ideas, and outstanding opportunities for investors and partners in all of its sectors. The group also works in introducing projects throughout different countries in the world whilst keeping pace with recent developments in its pursuit of excellence through its cooperation with leading companies and leverage of cutting-edge technology in its industry and being competitive in the global market.

Specialized Team

Refalco international investments owes its success to a specialized internationally diverse team having highly diverse skills in business and finance with academic capabilities and practical expertise capable of facing challenges that come across our agents under different circumstances. Additionally, our employees’ engagement, trust in our company’s values and in their ambitions had a clear positive impact in our ability to efficiently meet the needs of our clients and achieve their business interests.

Promising Opportunities

With its expertise, experiences, and strategic location, Relaco is able to provide a constant guarantee for introducing distinctive and promising opportunities for all of its partners through strategic planning and careful implementation of projects.

High Aspirations

The company also aspires to buy shares in several notorious highly notable international companies as well as the creation of a special product for Refalco across all sectors and around the world.