Bridge Initiative

The idea of the bridge was the main reason for the launch of Refalco to be the link between East and West, and hence the Bridge Initiative came to allow Refalco to be the link between Arab and European markets. From our strategic location in Cyprus, Refalco seeks to be a two-way gate for those wishing to enter the European markets or the Arab markets, within a strategy based on expertise and experienced collaborators as well as a network of strong relationships that help our clients achieve their goals.

In order to enhance this role, Refalco hosts businessmen and investors in local and international conferences and seminars.

Market Entry Services

If your company’s priority is growth, it’s time to expand your horizons and open up new business opportunities through exploration in promising new markets.

International expansion represents an opportunity to grow, increase revenues and benefit from the growth of emerging markets.

Refalco provides a new market entry service for companies wishing to expand into new markets, be it for Cypriot companies wishing to enter the lucrative GCC markets or Arabian companies planning their expansion in Europe through Cyrus.