Message from CEO

The world today is witnessing tremendous development and rapid growth at all levels, which made the size of competition very large in various sectors, so finding certain new idea is hard as most probably others may have been working on same idea before you; with the increase of technological development on the one hand, and economic crisis which is looming at world stage on the other, this has increased the size of competition, and not only competition for ideas, and made the success of any project depend on many other things, the most important of which are: management, implementation and strategic planning

Sam Jahoosh

Refalco provides its expertise, experience and strong position to ensure that it continues to offer distinctive and promising investment opportunities to all its partners, through strategic planning and careful execution of projects

Refalco relies on a well-thought-out strategy to expand and select its activities and projects, keeping pace with developments in the world. At the beginning of Refalco, it opened branches and projects in the Arab region, based on its mission, the foundation on which it was built, and the services it provided to serve as a bridge between Middle East and Europe

Our distinguished relationship with the Arab region and Europe has contributed to the implementation of projects and contracts involving high-level companies; and this despite the short duration of the establishment of the company.

Several factors have contributed to the success of Refalco’s business, including: defining vision, prudent management, clear strategic plans, commitment by management to implement plans accurately, keeping abreast of developments and applying best practices, as well as deep knowledge of local and global markets

Refalco has been keen to spread a clear and long – term vision for its projects and partners, in order to develop and grow through the management of strategic planning and business development

On the other hand, the Department of Development and Growth within Refalco is working on identifying opportunities, following up on new technologies, conducting market studies and research, updating its strategic plan, conducting feasibility studies and everything related to project implementation and financing, in addition to obtaining the necessary licenses from government agencies.

Refalco’s activities vary across different sectors to suit the needs of local and international investors.

We hope that our website will serve as a gateway between us and our potential investors and we look forward to your visit in Cyprus.