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Excellence is our attitude

Since we started, we harnessed our challenges in a fast-paced market. We are committed to being a leader in providing optimum services to our customers. We offer modern business models and investment strategies across diverse projects spanning different sectors.

The secret of our excellence in our work is our team. We carefully select our collaborators in order to assure professionalism while working with our clients. Our services include:


Real Estate Consulting

The real estate sector remains the cornerstone of our advisory services, supported by many years of practical and international experience. Refalco offers several real estate studies to our clients that cover the entire sector and can be delivered independently.

Feasibility studies

Market Strategy Studies

Retail / Business Studies

Master Plan Evaluation / Test Studies

Marketing Management


Private Equity

Refalco Group, on behalf of its investors, aims to use private equity strategies through targeting companies that seek growth capital in order to finance a transformational event in their lifecycle. Refalco will primarily invest in private and/or public (non-listed) established companies that are looking either to enter into new markets, or to expand their capital, restructure or finance a major acquisition.

These companies may be either venture capital funded companies or more mature corporations that are able to generate revenue or operating profits but unable to generate sufficient cash to fund major expansions, acquisitions or other investments. Although Refalco will focus on mature companies, Investments in venture capital companies may also be performed, if an opportunity arises.

Venture Capital

Venture capital investments will also be performed in startups and young companies with little to no track record of profitability. Venture capital investments are made with the goal of generating outsized returns by identifying and investing in the most promising companies and profiting from a successful exit. Investments in venture capital companies, if any, will only hold a small portion of the Refalco’s overall Portfolio, be it through its Regulated Funds or directly.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

Mergers and acquisitions are transactions in which the ownership of companies, other business organizations, or their operating units are transferred or consolidated with other entities. As an aspect of strategic management, M&A can allow enterprises to grow or downsize, and change the nature of their business or competitive position.

In line with its strategic vision to become a global company through organic and inorganic growth, Refalco Group may consider in the future selective acquisitions which will strengthen the group’s position in its activities and ultimately achieve economies of scale and competitive advantages in its operations.

Tax Planning

Through its partnership with an extensive network of accountants and business advisors, Refalco Group has positioned itself as the partner of choice for foreign companies, especially companies who have their headquarters in the MENA region, who wish to establish business operations in Cyprus or extend activities and trade in Europe through the provision of an array of corporate services, tax planning and optimization among others.

Company Registration

Cyprus is one of the best European countries to register companies for ease of procedures and simple costs.

Corporate features in Cyprus:

Your chance is now to get a licensed company within the EU so that you can operate your business anywhere and transfer your entire money to your own company directly in Cyprus.