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Why Refalco

Why Refalco

Market Entry Services

If your company's priority is growth, it's time to open up new business opportunities in promising new markets

Bridge Initiative

The idea of the bridge was the main reason for the launch of Refalco to be the link between East and West

For Corporates

We offer modern business models and investment strategies across diverse projects spanning different sectors.

Cyprus Investment Program

The Cyprus Investment Program, which qualifies an investor for a second passport through investment

Invest with Refalco

Habibi Restaurant

Habibi Food

The first project of its kind introducing the flavor of the middle east

Refalco One Development Ltd.

Refalco One

Cyprus is known to have one of the best real estate markets

Refalco Investment Funds

Refalco Investment Funds

Investment in professionally managed Compartments

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اتقدم بالشكر والتقدير لشركة ريفالكو على حسن تعاملهم والتزامهم في تنفيذ كل التعاملات التي كانت بيني وبين الشركة وخصوصا مجال الاقامة والاستثمار

طه الأحمدي

طه الأحمدي

مدير عام

يوجد ثقة بالتعامل وموظفين محترمين ورائعين وتم الالتزام بالوقت والمساعدة داخل قبرص حتى اسلام الاقامة ومازال التواصل وتقديم المساعدة حتى الان

جلال بنيان

جلال بنيان

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