The Firm

Welcoming the change


In a world that is changing faster than ever, we are all witnessing a substantial growth and development in global markets, as well as a rapid progress in technology. With an economy vulnerable to ripple effects from the crisis of the past years, we are called upon to rise to a whole new level of a global competition, where introducing an idea or an opportunity that has not been already presented has become somewhat of a challenge. To leave our footprint in this ever-changing world, we focus on utilization of our expertise, experience and major-league investment opportunities for our partners, personal investors and institutional investors. Most importantly, we focus on the management and accurate implementation of strategic planning.

To keep pace with the growing market demand and development, Refalco was built on a clear strategy to expand our sectors, or better yet, to adapt our activities and portfolio of our projects to the needs of our clients, divided in seven main business sectors: Construction & Projects Management, Oil & Gas, Corporate, Legal, Financial, Education and The Bridge Initiative (Market Entry, Marketing, Training & Development and Interior Design).

Even though the firm has been established in recent past, in less than a decade Refalco progressed through incorporating the branches over the Arab region to an international firm with physical presence in Cyprus, Greece and United Kingdom, bridging the distance between the East and Europe. Our prominent relationship with both Arab region and Europe has contributed in the execution of projects and contracts of partnership at the highest level, building a strong base for the future. The core of our business being in the investment solutions, diverse sectors of our brand are perfectly aligned to provide undisputed advice on urban industrial redevelopment strategies, project feasibility assessment, financing options and supporting services, as well as the liaison with governmental institutions to ensure the requirements are met and necessary licenses obtained.

We owe our success to our prudent management, straightforward and accurate strategic planning, long-term perspective, constantly pushing forward and following up with new technologies and innovations in the market, with determination to apply our knowledge of the local and global markets to the benefit of our clients.

Bassam Al Jahoosh
CEO & Co-Founder