Islamic Finance

Looking for Halal Investing in full compliance with the Shariah rules and regulations?

In partnership with some of the most respected Islamic Institutions and scholars, Refalco offers a full suite of shariah compliant products and advisory services.

With a considerable experience in the authorization and supervision of Islamic Finance investment structures, we deliver innovative investment and trading solutions and halal strategies.

Ensuring that the specific needs of Islamic finance clients are met, we provide audit services, strategic development, M&A and risk management.

We advise our clients on banking, capital markets, takaful insurance and reinsurance, asset management, sukuk bonds and development finance, mutual funds and investment trusts, regulatory and government matters.

Islamic Wealth Management

Since the initial efforts in the early 1990s to introduce and develop the concept of Islamic Wealth Management, the industry has come a long way, emerging as a part of Islamic Finance and sharing its features, principles, advantages and limitations.

As most of the conventional investment opportunities are not in compliance with Islamic law, we are focusing on Halal investment, advice and Shariah compliant financial services, to provide investment opportunities to both individuals and business owners, without compromising Islamic principles.

At Refalco, we are committed to support the growth of the Islamic Wealth Management industry, by taking part in sharing and enhancing knowledge and know-how of practitioners, investors, academics and Shariah scholars, focusing on policy development, human resource education and industry innovation.


NOMAD in emerging Companies Market of the Cyprus Stock Exchange

On 30th September 2009 the Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE) launched a new market called the Emerging Companies Market (ECM). ECM is governed by a simplified regulatory environment which has been specifically designed for the needs of small and emerging companies. ECM is aimed at:

  • Private companies seeking funding and easy access to the secondary market.
  • Investors seeking a new type of investments, taking into account the higher risk of the ECM.
  • Public companies unwilling to incur the higher costs of regulated markets. Once you have decided to float, you will need to critically appraise your existing business, identifying the extent to which it will meet the ECM admission requirements. These requirements may be analysed into the following areas:
    1. General suitability, preparation and planning.
    2. Eligibility for admission
    3. Continuing obligations/filing requirements.

The initial role of the Nominated Advisor (“NOMAD”) is to ensure that the company is appropriate to be quoted on the ECM and ensure that the relevant rules are complied with on flotation.

A NOMAD must be retained at all times to advise the company and to ensure that it complies with the relevant ECM rules on an ongoing basis.

Refalco is a CSE-approved NOMAD. We have a strong and distinct, regulatory-compliant brand which lends weight to any prospective listing in the eyes of both the CSE and potential investors. Our NOMAD role would include:

During the admission process

  • ‘Sponsoring’ the company’s admission to ECM,
  • Confirming to the CSE the appropriateness of the company for listing;
  • Ensuring compliance with the ECM rules;
  • Leading the drafting of the admission document; and
  • Project managing the overall process leading to a listing

Post admission

  • Continue to act as NOMAD following admission, advising you on your ongoing obligations as a listed company.
  • Assisting with comfort letters and related procedures;
  • Providing risk management advice; and
  • Market practice input.