With public and private educational institutions acknowledged and recognized both nationally and internationally, Cyprus is an ideal destination to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate education in many areas, including business and management, finance, art and design, law, engineering and science. Also, Cypriot educational institutes actively participate in EU programs, aiming to facilitate the mobility of students and graduates.

At Refalco, we strongly believe in the impact of knowledge and skills in addressing the challenges of the modern world.

In provision of guidance and advice for students exploring the options of future career pathways and learning opportunities, Refalco teams up with local Colleges and Universities, also acting on their behalf in the introduction to national education ministries in the Middle East region.

International Education Partners – In Focus: Cybersecurity

In partnership with the UK registered and accredited International Cybersecurity Institute (ICSI), Refalco offers the opportunity to obtain three accredited professional qualifications that establish either young graduates or mature professionals as cybersecurity experts, currently in high demand as the industry struggles with ever-increasing breaches in internet security.